Picture book exercise

 This assignment takes us into many areas including digital pictures and editing, the writing process, concept maps, and how different people can draw different conclusions from the same information.


  1. Brainstorm ideas for a short illustrated story with your group. (note #5 below)
  2. Decide on a story topic
  3. Brainstorm a sketchy idea of what would happen in a story
  4. Make a concept map that will help you identify what pictures (5) you should take to illustrate your story.
  5. Go out and take pictures. Try to take pictures that 1) are open to more than one interpretation and 2) illustrate your story. You only have 20 minutes…so work quickly
  6. Give your camera to another group
  7. Take your new camera, download the pictures, look at them.
  8. Brainstorm a story based on the pictures.
  9. Make a concept map
  10. Edit the pictures as needed.
  11. Write a draft
  12. For your peer review, trade with the group that took the pictures.
  13. In the review look at the following:
    1. Does the writing make sense?
    2. What questions do you have – think of 2 questions that could expand the story
    3. What did you like?
    4. Where could the story be improved?
  14. Then share what YOUR idea was.
  15. If there is time, rewrite your story.