Software Evaluation Project

You job is to look beyond the flash and pretty colors and evaluate a piece of educational software for it's educational value.


What to do:


1. Read this article: Article

2. Look at this smallish rubric: Kathy's

3. Look at this rubric: Rubric

4. Look at this really extensive rubric from the official Ed Tech folks: NETS


Now, think about what for you is important when evaluating software.

It's YOUR choice. What is important to YOU.

Develop a rubric.


Check out a piece of software from our library.

Take it home.

Install it.

Evaluate it using your rubric.

Turn in:

1. Your evaluation.

2. A reflection on the software - would you use it.. what you like, what you don't.

3. A reflection on your rubric - what worked, what would you change?