EDT 610 Fall 2006
PowerPoint Picture book

Powerpoint can be used for presentations that are projected. When you design a
presentation, you need to use big type and short sentences. However, you can also use PP
to build presentations that will only be seen on a single computer. Some of the
differences in design include being able to use smaller text and allowing interactivity to
let viewers decide how to navigate through the story.

Today's assignment will focus on the interactivity that you must plan before building.

Here are your instructions:
Use the text below to make an interactive book.
Before beginning to build, you will need to chart the interaction.
Inspiration is a great tool for this.
Use a solid line to show the direct interactions and dotted lines to show
possible interactions.
Add action buttons to navigate through the story
Build a table of contents that allows going straight to a page
Put a Home button on each page that allows users to return to the table of contents
Make a page that allows readers to choose the ending
Add pictures and graphics to pages
Make a link on at least one of the pictures to a website that discusses the
controversy about Pluto. You may make other web links.
Bonus ­ make a link to a "more information" page that has details about some
part of the story, then returns to the story.

Goal: Looking at, planning for, and using interactivity when publishing using

Product: A powerpoint "book" that is interactive.

The Perils of Pluto or The Petulant Pondering Planet Processes


In space, an object named Pluto
Was musing upon what to do
Some stargazers say I'm a planet
Some say I'm a big ball of goo

Dusty old humbugs, I’ll show them
Maybe I’ll just slip away.
Stick out my tongue at old Neptune
And with a new system I’ll play

The sun ain’t so big or so close now
That his gravity keeps me in toe
Just gather up my frozen gasses
And into the ether I'll go

But it's dark and it's lonely way out there
And it's odd to be oh so alone
Who'll come feed the cat while I'm traveling
When I long for a chat, who'll I phone?

So maybe it's best to just stay here
Bent but unbowed don't you see
Who cares what the other's are thinking
What I think of ME is the key.


But you can't ever win without trying
And size is a relative thing
So I'll find a new system so tiny
 And won't be just planet, but KING