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Research Strategies

Research starts not in a library, but in your mind. It begins with your curiosity, by asking questions. Some students, however, have forgotten this curiosity. Which of these two statements by actual students is closer to your attitude?

I think research means finding out what other people have said on an assigned topic until you have enough to fill up the required number of pages. I usually write the paper the night before surrounded by sources. I enjoy researching. I often come to a place where I need a detail to back up what I believe, and I sort through the material. . . . Slowly the paper comes together from ideas I had never thought of until I researched my topic thoroughly.

Whether you now love or hate research, the following pages can help you become more comfortable, confident, and competent with writing research papers:

Getting Started Managing Research
Drafting Sooner Than Later Academic Honesty vs. Plagiarism