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Some Recommendations and Calculations:

  1. Provide detailed writing assignments which specify not only content requirements (what?) but also suggest effective writing strategies (how?) See Analyzing the Assignment.

  2. Provide checkpoints, especially for long-term assignments.

  3. Encourage students to read the assignment carefully. See Analyzing the Assignment.

  4. Discuss effective and ineffective writing processes. See The Writing Process.

  5. Discuss some key developments, such as thesis statements.

  6. Teach the conflict(s) in writing expectations explicitly. See Connections: RLC & Other Courses

  7. Seek connections between diverse writing assignments, especially the common forms of critical thinking required. See Connections: RLC & Other Courses

  8. Acknowledge the "bluff" students must make, but insist that academic writing is not just a matter of bluffing.

  9. Discuss the use of specialized terms. See Connections: RLC & Other Courses

  10. Encourage revision through clear grading criteria and mandatory peer response. See The Writing Process.

MINIMUM CLASS TIME: 60-180 minutes over the fifteen weeks of a semester.
MINIMUM CORRECTING TIME: 2-4 additional hours for checkpoints and peer responses, but overall may decrease!
PREPARATION TIME: 5-10 additional hours before the semester starts