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Cultural Analysis

Like "multiple perspectives," the term "cultural analysis" is a convenient term to identify a common form of critical thinking. As soon as we begin to ask whether we should continue to accept a certain perspective, then we begin to compare and contrast that belief with other options. This critical thinking about different perspectives that exist within the same time period has been termed "cultural analysis" in the RLC 110-111 curriculum. A cultural analysis of 17th century perspectives on the universe can be drawn as

Galileo's views of the world challenged those of Pope Urban

Even if the term "cultural analysis" is not mentioned, many college courses require students to think critically about different perspectives from one time period. For example, the study of physics has many examples of competing beliefs, such as about the center of the universe and the nature of light, that have existed during the same era. In literature, many classic texts have been interpreted in different ways during one period, and students must weigh those different interpretations.

For two examples of cultural analysis, go to an excerpt from a student's RLC 110 paper and a related assignment from another department.