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More Health Professions

There are more than 200 health related occupations.  Many require hospital based training, while others require an associate degree or a B.S. degree education.  Listed below are areas that are often considered by students who hold a B.S. degree (typically in biology or a related area). For more information click on the highlighted titles.

A physical therapist is an important member of the healthcare team.  Using basic principle of biomechanics and an understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the human body, PTs assist people with disabilities .  The University offers a post B.S. degree program.

The physician assistant (PA) is trained using a medical model to diagnose and treat patients in a manner similar to that used in medical schools.   Most PA programs require some college education in clinical experience. Typically PA applicants hold a B.S. degree in another allied health field.  The American Academy of Physician Assistants is considered the complete source of information about PA.

The goal of public health professionals in the broadest sense is to promote good public health through the application of science and technology and interventions that will improve the quality of life.  Public health professionals hold diverse positions and generally have the MPA degree as career entry degree.   Follow this link to reach the primary source of information about public health education - the Association of Schools of Public Health

Dietetics and nutrition is an area of health care that is growing in significance and interest.  The registered dietician is a food and nutrition expert who must complete at least a B.S. education, however many programs offer a M.S. degree program.  The American Dietetics Association is the main source of information about dietetics and nutrition.

Respiratory care specialists treat and assist in the diagnosis of people with heart and lung diseases.  Respiratory care practitioner training programs exist at associate degree and B.S. level.  Follow this link to learn about the University B.S. program.

Diagnostic imaging includes a wide variety of high technology instruments to gain valuable images of the human body.  The University of Hartford offer a B.S. program that prepares graduates to be imaging experts.

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