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Osteopathic Medicine- Admissions

Application process for Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine:
  1. Letter of recommendation from the Premedical Professions Advisory Committee sent directly to the colleges.
  2. Application processed by AACOMAS as described below.
  3. MCAT scores sent directly to AACOMAS designate code 600 when you take the test.
  4. Transcripts from all colleges you attended sent to AACOMAS by the registrar of each college.
  5. An application prepared on line designating the colleges you wish to apply to via the link below.

The American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine offers an Application Service to students who are applying to osteopathic medical colleges.   The service makes it possible to use one application prepared on line through the service,  AACOM application service collects the information, verifies the application and distributes it to the selected colleges.

Application to colleges of osteopathic medicine is extremely competitive and the admission cycle begins June first of each year.  For reference, the average grade point average of matriculants to OM colleges for 1999 was overall 3.36, science 3.39 and non science GPA was 3.43.  Many colleges offer rolling admission which means the sooner you get materials into AACOMAS the better.  If you wish to apply for early admission contact the colleges of interest directly.  Many schools have different deadlines for application and you should be sure to get application materials into AACOMAS at least six weeks before the deadline date at the school in which you are interested.

The cost of applying through AACOM is approximately $55/college with the cost decreasing slightly per college when you apply to many school.  For example, to apply to one school the cost would be $55 to apply to all 18 medical colleges the cost would be $505.

College transcripts should be sent directly from the college registrar to AACOMAS, student copies mailed to the application service are not acceptable.

MCAT scores are required for all colleges of osteopathic medicine.  When you take the MCAT you should designate that scores be sent to AACOMAS code 600.  For reference, MCAT scores for matriculant students in 1999 was verbal 8.31, physical science 8.20 and for biological science 8.65. It is usually helpful to spend at least a semester preparing for MCAT exam.

All letters of recommendation should be sent by the Premedical Professions Advisory Committee directly to the colleges office of admission.  Letters sent to AACOMAS will be returned and not forwarded to the colleges.

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