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Medicine - Calendar


Year I

  • Let your advisor know of your career goals and your plan to go to medical school, and empahsize the importance of scheduling your science courses.
  • Enroll in Premedical Professions Studies I (PPS 100) in the Spring semester.
  • Enroll in CH 110-111, BIO 122-123 or BIO 212-213, and M 144-145.
  • Maintain at least a B or B+ average.

Year II

  • Enroll in CH 230-231, PHY 120-121 or PHY 112 and 113 or 114, BIO 352, and BIO 272, 273.
  • Enroll in Premedical Professions Studies II (PPS 200) in the Spring semester.
  • Maintain a high grade point average.
  • Read information about specific schools and medical careers; use the special collection in Mortensen Library; investigate residency requirements of professional schools.
  • Obtain the professional school admissions test application form.
  • Begin to prepare for the professional school admission test. Use the summer following your sophomore year to study in earnest.
  • Complete an internship or externship experience during the summer.

Year III

  • Enroll in Premedical Professions Studies III (PPS 300) in the Fall semester and BIO 336 in the Spring.
  • Take the professional admission test in the fall or spring (MCAT exam).
  • Obtain the service of the AAMCAS on line.
  • Have recommendations sent to the Premedical-Professions Advisory Committee.
  • Arrange to have an interview with the Premedical-Professions Advisory Committee during the spring semester. (See details below.*).
  • Maintain at least a GPA of 3.5 or higher.
  • Attend the Graduate and Professional School Fair (usually in November; be sure to check with the Career Center for details).
  • Complete all applications to professional schools in the summer.

Year IV

  • Assuming all the requirements were satisfied by the end of the junior year, professional school applications should be mailed before the first week of classes and preferably in early summer.
  • Students unable to complete the requirements in the junior year must be sure to do so in the fall semester.
  • Enroll in BIO 444-445.
  • Look into financial aid opportunities.

Procedure for Scheduling an Interview with the Premedical Professions Advisory Committee:

1. Fill out an "Application for Interview" form (available from the secretary in East Hall, Room 205H, (e-mail: On the form you will be listing faculty members, employers, etc., who can write a meaningful evaluation of your suitability for pursuing a career in the medical professions. It is the student's responsibility to pick up copies of the Student Evaluation form and to ask the designated faculty members to complegte the forms and return them to the Committee. It is also the responsibility of the student to have outside references sent to the Committee. You will need to list your extracurricular activities and write a short essay on your background and qualifications for the Committee before the interview.

2. Fill out a "Student Information" form (also available in the above office). This is a form the Committee uses to facilitate the application process.

3. Ask the Committee Secretary to request a copy of your transcript from the Registrar. (If you attended other colleges or universities in addition to the University of Hartford, submit copies of your official transcripts from those institutions to the Committee.)

4. Arrange a date and time for the interview once your file is complete. The completed file should contain all faculty and outside recommendations, transcripts(s), professional admission test scores, Application for Interview, and Student Information forms. (The Committee may occasionally conduct the interview before the admission test scores are received. However, the Committee must have the scores before it can complete its recommendation.)

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