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Chiropractic - Admissions

Admission to colleges of chiropractic is typically based on evaluation by an admission committee.  The committee attempts to select students for admission who have demonstrated high academic performance and appear to be ethical and responsible individuals who have the potential of being competent, humane chiropractic doctors.

The admission committees uses the college application, undergraduate transcripts and recommendations as well as interviews to select candidates for their entering class.   The Council on Chiropractic Education has mandated that candidates must complete at least 90 credits before entering a chiropractic college and that they have at least the following courses prerequisites. No specific major is mandated as long as the student has completed the prerequisite courses

Biology with  lab One year
Inorganic chemistry with lab One year
Organic chemistry with lab One year
Physics with lab One year
Psychology Three credit hours
Social science and humanities 15 credit hours

A recommendation from the Premedical-Professions Advisory Committee will substantially improve the candidates application.  The student should arrange for the Premedical-Professions Advisory Committee interview in the Spring of their third year if completing a four year B.S. program at the University of Hartford.

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