Kampus Activities Team is a student-run, student-funded campus organization bringing quality entertainment of all varieties to a student body of over 4,000. All Kampus Activities Team events are chosen, coordinated and carried out by students of the University working outside of classes. The Kampus Activities Team office is located in the Gengras Student Union on the University of Hartford Campus.

    General Manager -
    Venue Manager -
    Executive Vice President -
    Concert Chair -
    Comedy and Lectures Chair -
    Special Events -
    Publicity -
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    Joanna Melon
    Julee Motte
    Berboire Esperance
    Mike Forkos
    Matt Gawel
    Stephanie Chery
    Tiffanie Vo
    John Coen

    Programmers for Hawk's Nest and Java City
    Camika Campbell
    Rob Griffith
    Sara Medeiros
    Cory Sims

    Sound Engineers for the Hawk's Nest
    Marcin Chojnowski
    Dante Portella
    Mark Goodell