The University of Hartford's
Outing Club


FALL 2012: Welcome to the website of the future UHA Outing Club. This club is open to all members of the University of Hartford community (and encourages others with similar interests to participate with us). We tried in 2006 and several other years to form a club and had several meetings and trips (see the reports), but for the club to become a reality--an official SGA club -- we have to get 15+ student members, have a couple of fund-drives a semester, write a club constitution, and elect some officers. The hard part will be getting 15+ steady, active members, but once that happens the club will qualify for some SGA funding.

With luck, some day all those buttons on the left will lead to many interesting places. We hope the TRIPS button will lead to such activities as hiking, biking, back-packing, canoeing/kayaking, cross-country skiing, rock-climbing, mountaineering, cave exploring, and other outdoor activites. Please come to our meetings and help make this happen.

You can register your interests and join an Outing Club email distribution list ( OUTSIDE_L@hartford.edu ) at a SurveyMonkey registration form. You can update the information you enter at any time--provided that you use the same computer, so that the website can find your previous answers. If you ever want to be removed from the distribution list, please contact jstewart@hartford.edu.