This page is dedicated to one of the all time greatest short films
George Lucas in Love

Great Flick!

George Lucas in Love is a short film satire about the beginnings of George Lucas' famous film career. This movie is about 9 minutes long and it is a jocular depiction of young Lucas' search for inspiration in a thematic setting characteristic of Shakespeare in Love.

I give this movie dos thumbs up. Believe me it's more than worth the nine minutes.

Sara and Cherry
Love you Gals

A Joseph Levy Production A Joe Nussbaum Film Produced In Association with Quality Film Entertainment Martin Hynes Lisa Jakub "George Lucas in Love" Casting Director Jeremy Jones Music By Deborah Lurie Sound Design By Rick Sanchez Costume Design By Shoshana Rubin Film Editor Ryan Gold Production Designer Jocelyn Bly Fredman Director Of Photography Eric J. Hasse Line Producer Deborah Mann Co-Executive Producer Jacqueline Lesko Executive Producer Gary Bryman Story By Joe Nussbaum & Timothy Dowling Written By Joe Nussbaum & Daniel Shere Produced By Joseph Levy Directed By Joe Nussbaum 

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