NSBE Chapter

***National Convention March 28th - April 1st, 2007***//////////////////***General Meeting are held Tuesday @ 12pm in GSU***


What is PCI ?

The Pre-College Initiative Program is the focus of the National Society of Black Engineers' effort to

promote college, academics, technology, and leadership to pre-college students. Our primary

focus is to encourage students in grades 6 -12 to develop interest and skills in math and science.


Tutoring and SAT/ACT preparatory workshops and programs

  • Tours of college campuses and engineering corporations
  • Scholarships for college expenses
  • Science and engineering projects
  • Exciting new programs like FIRST Robotics and MATHCOUNTS

A vital component of the PCI program is NSBE Jr. which serves as the membership category for

pre-college students within the society. NSBE Jr. members and chapters are at the core of PCI, as

they are the primary focus and beneficiaries of PCI activities. NSBE Jr. focuses on enhancing the

education received by African-American and other minority pre-college students, as well as

influencing these students to become tomorrow's corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and

leaders. In this spirit, NSBE Jr. is the quintessential recruitment, teaching, and preparation device

for the National Society of Black Engineer.


PCI Goals

The National Society of Black Engineers Pre-College Initiative program will lead the world in

enhancing the pre-college students' Academic, Technical, and Leadership skills in order to

maximize their success in life. NSBE Jr. Aims:

  • Help pre-college students develop a positive attitude towards academic excellence
  • Encourage and support parental commitment to their children's education
  • Stimulate enthusiasm about engineering and science among pre-college students
  • Raise cultural awareness among African-American youth
  • Provide support to students throughout the college application process
  • Increase college graduation rates of African-American students
  • Prepare pre-college students to be positive, contributing future NSBE member



For more information feel free to contact :

Pejay Lucky (PCI Chair)

E-mail: lucky@hartford.edu