NSBE Chapter

***National Convention March 28th - April 1st, 2007***//////////////////***General Meeting are held Tuesday @ 12pm in GSU***

  Oloruntomi (Tomi) Lasaki      

My name is Oloruntomi (Tomi) Lasaki. I was the Programs Chair of the University of Hartford NSBE

Chapter in 2004. I graduated from the University of Hartford with my Bachelors Degree in Electrical

Engineering in 2004. I became an active member of NSBE my junior year (wish I had done this earlier).

Being a member of NSBE has been beneficial to me in a lot of ways. I got to meet students from other

schools and various professionals in my field. It was during the National Convention in Dallas, TX that I

met recruiters from Lucent Technologies and was able to secure a summer internship out in Naperville,

IL. The summer experience was great, Manelle can definitely testify to this. Currently, I am working

towards my Masters in Electrical Engineering at WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) Worcester, MA. I

encourage everyone to join and get actively involved in not just NSBE but other professional organizations

in their field of study.


Alana Hughes


NSBE has given me countless benefits through out my four years of being apart of the organization.  It’s

allowed me to network professionally to further my career but most importantly it’s enabled me to make

great personal choices.  Even though NSBE mission is to increase the number of culturally responsible

Black Engineers who excel academically, succeed professional and positively impact the community it also

emphasize the need to excel in our personal life.  Every year there are workshops with excellent speakers

that taught me how to plan financially for myself and my family, how to prevent work related stress from

causing health issues and even how to network better.  There really isn’t a price I can place on the benefits

NSBE have given to me except they continued to help me become a better person professionally and

personally. I graduatedwith a B.A in communication and currently pursuing my masters degree in

communication at the University of Hartford. Thanks my Uhart NSBE Family for your continuous support!

        Alumni Ladies (2003)