If you're looking for information about the new phone on your desk, you've come to the right place! This webpage will be updated with the latest information available about the progress of the telephone system replacement project.

Last updated: September 8th



Project update:

Up and running
We're up and running on the new phone system. The old phone system has been shut down, and if you have not done so already, you can disconnect your old phone.


Old phone collection
During the week of September 15th, we will place collection boxes near a drinking fountain on each floor of each building. Look for a drinking fountain on your floor, and deposit your phone in the box provided nearby for proper recycling and disposal. Please do not put old phones in the trash.


A new feature: Unification with e-mail
The new telephone system (a.k.a., "Unified Communications System") supports integration with your University of Hartford email account! That is, your voicemails can be delivered to your UofH email account as mail messages with the recordings attached!

The email and voicemail are tightly integrated so that you can process the messages either at your phone or at your computer -- any changes made at the phone will be reflected in your email, and vice versa:

You can process your voicemail on the phone, in email, or both.

Voicemail messages in email from on campus will appear to come from the person who left it, e.g., "John Smith" and the subject would be "Message from John Smith (1234)." If the message is not from an individually-assigned phone on campus, or is from a phone off campus, the message will appear to come from "Cisco Unity Connection Messaging System" and the subject would be determined by Caller ID information included with the call, e.g., "Message from JOHN SMITH (8605551234)." Note: Even though a message may appear to come from a person, you cannot reply to a voicemail message in email.

If you have your email forwarded to another email account, the message and its attachment may be successfully forwarded, however, the integration (connection) between your voicemail messages and email messages will not be maintained. ITS/Unicom does not recommend that you enable this feature if you forward your mail.

If you would like "unify" your voicemail and email as described above, send an email message indicating so to unicom@hartford.edu containing your telephone extension and your email name.


Orientation sessions
Brief orientation sessions on how to use the new telephones installed on the main campus and at the Handel Performing Arts Center will be held during the week of September 15th in the Computer Learning Center.

The sessions will be led by Lisa Lennon of Total Communications, Inc., and will be less than one hour in length.

Sessions will be held on September 15, 16, 17 ,18, and 19, and will start at 9 a.m., 10 a.m., 11 a.m., 12 p.m., 1 p.m., 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. in the Computer Learning Center, CC114. To reserve a spot, please email your choice of day and time to the Unified Communications account at unicom@hartford.edu.

Please indicate a second choice in case your first choice of session is already filled.

You will receive a confirmation within one business day via email.

Downloadable versions of the Quick Reference Guides and PowerPoint presentation used in the orientation sessions are available at the bottom of this web page.


Headset recommendations
Many have asked about recommended headsets for the new phones. Information Technology Services has acquired and tested several models which work well with the phones. See the following webpage for suggested devices:



Other Notes

FAQ - Questions we've been asked:

"How do I get my voicemail from off campus? When I call 860.768.5522, I get the usual University greeting."

When you hear "Thank you for calling the University of Hartford...," press "*" (the STAR key) to jump into the voicemail system. You will be prompted to enter your "ID" (which is your extension) followed by "#" (the POUND key), and your PIN followed by "#" (the POUND key).


"Can you give me a rundown of what the new phones will do that is new. What are some of the new features and advantages?"

Our primary reason for replacing the existing system is due to age -- it's over 25 years old, was used when we bought it, has been out of production for over 20 years, and working, reliable used repair parts are getting hard to find.

All new desktop phones on the main campus and at the Handel Performing Arts Center will have:

The new system also has features that we may offer, once we’re up and stable on the new phones, such as:

Our primary mission at the moment is to just get the existing phones on the desks replaced with new ones, and getting everyone up-to-speed using them. The extra features may be offered once we have a system administrator who can help roll them out.


The flyer we left with each phone at installation Hi.docx
Quick Reference Guides:  
  • For the CISCO 7800 series (regular) phone:
  • For the CISCO 8900 series (large) phone:
  • For the Panasonic (or other) analog phone:
  • Automated Call Distribution Guide:
QRG-UofH 78xx.pdf
QRG-UofH 89xx.pdf
QRG-UofH Analog for AAC.pdf
QRG-UofH UCCX Agent.pdf
The PowerPoint presentation for orientation sessions UofH UserOrientation.pptx