Saeid Moslehpour


Analog PSpice

Diode/The Diode—Switching Speed
Zener Diode
Power Supply
Clippers,Clampers, and Multipliers
Analog Switch Crash
Bipolar Transisorts Collector Curves
Bipolar Biasing
Bipolar Amplifier
Bipolar Buffer Simulation
Amplifier Power Class A Operation
Amplifier Effiecency Presentation
FETTransistor Drain Curvesi
FET Biasing
FET Amplifier and Buffers
The Transistor Switch
Differential Amplifer
Op-Amp with Negative Feedback
Operational Amplifier
Non-Inverting Configuration
The Inverting Configuration
Op-Amp Integrator-Differentiator
Hartley Oscillator
Active Filters
The instrumentation Amplifier
Noise Analysis
Monte Carlo Analysis
Worst-Case Analysis
Performance Analysis
DC PSpice (Parameteric DC Sweep)
AC PSpice RC Resistance Transient Analysis
AC PSpice Inductance
AC PSpice (RLC Circuits)
Power and Energy
AC PSpice (Series Resonance)

Rapid SOPC 2015

Rapid SOPC Chapter 6 VHDL Synthesis Model of a Seven-segment LED Decoder
Rapid SOPC Chapter 8 Running the Train Control Simulation
ECT 353 Chapter 9 Automatically Generating a State Diagram of the μP3
Rapid SOPC Chapter 10 Ping Pong
ECT 353 Chapter 11 Keyboard Scan Codes

Altera SOPC NIOSII Version 12.1

Altera v12.1 SOPC Builder Lab 1 Introduction
Altera v12.1 SOPC and NIOS II Lab 2
Altera v12.1 SOPC and NIOS II Lab 3
Altera v12.1 SOPC and NIOS II Lab 4
Altera v12.1 8MB SDRAM Module in SOPC Builder
Altera v12.1 SOPC and NIOS LCD Display Counter Lab 6