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Welcome the my CS110: Introduction to Computers web page.

This section provides an overview of the CS110 course. You may find links to my current Syllabus and other general course information. I am currently refining the course schedule and expect to publish a copy of it here as well.

If you are a current student, I extend my Best Wishes for a great experience in this course.


You will get the most value from this course by 'doing'. Hence, our focus will be to get you as much hands-on experience as possible. Likewise, you will get out of this course what you put into it. Therefore, your active pariticipation in lectures, lab exercises and homework assignments is expected, and appreciated.

If you have any questions, at any time, please do not hesitate to ask. We can all learn from each other.
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General Info
Course Summary

Starting Excel File for Hands On Section of Test # 2 -
"F02T2 Hands On Start" (.xls).

Exam Study Guides
Study Guide for Test # 1.

New version of Study Guide, with notes, for Test # 2.
Excel File - "Payroll Sample" (.xls).
Example Solution File - "Payroll Sample-Solution" (.xls).
Excel File - "Software Sales Sample" (.xls).
Example Solution File - "Software Sales Sample-Solution" (.xls).

PC Architecture Guide - "F02PCArchSG" (.htm).

Study Guide for Final Exam - "F02FinalExamSG" (.htm).
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