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CS110: Introduction to Computers

Study Guide – Test 2, Fall 2002

You should be comfortable with the concepts listed for each chapter and be able to discuss them, expand on them and identify their characteristics. In addition, you should be able to identify and define the terms listed below for each chapter. Page references for these terms are listed at the end of each chapter, in the Concepts book (also see the glossary at the end of the book).


Chapter 3 – Computer Software

The Multiple Choice/Short Answer portion of the test will be based primarily on Section C – Application Software material. In addition, some questions will be based on the lab work and my class discussions. The latter will cover the following application features & functionality.




Chapter 3 – Terms

Application Software


Automatic Recalculation

Search & Replace

Cell & Active Cell

Soft vs. Hard return

Cell Reference (incl. Relative & Absolute Reference)


Document template

Style(s) [as in pre-defined or custom Word formatting]

Document wizard



Text block


Word wrap

Header & Footer

Workbook & Worksheet




Hands-On Exercise – Excel Formatting & Charting

A second portion of the test will include a hands-on exercise. This part of the test will require you to add data (in the form of lables, values & formulas) and apply formatting actions to an Excel file. You will be provided a spreadsheet containing some basic information (text and numbers/data) to work with. You will need to evaluate this information, read and evaluate some additional instructions/information, and determine how to complete the spreadsheet to create a report. In addition, you’ll be required to create a basic graph/chart based on the data calculations in the spreadsheet report.



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