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CS110 - Introduction to Computers

Course Outline Summary*



Week 1  
  Introductions, Review of Syllabus & Course Outline
  E-mail: Basics, Tips & Techniques, Netiquette
Week 2  
  Computer Basics
  Software - Operating Systems (Microsoft Windows)
  User Interface Tips and Techniques
Week 3  
  File Management
  Surfing the Web and Search Engines
Week 4  
  Documents & Spreadsheets Overview
  Microsoft Word: Basics & Formatting
Week 5  
  Exam 1
  Microsoft Word: Advanced Techniques
Week 6  
  Microsoft Excel: Basics
Week 7  
  Microsoft Excel: Advanced Techniques
Week 8  
  Microsoft Word Applied
  Microsoft Excel Applied
Week 9  
  Exam 2
  Computer Hardware & Architecture
Week 10  
  Computer Hardware & Architecture
Week 11  
  Networks: Internet & LAN
Week 12  
  World Wide Web & HTML (Concepts)
  World Wide Web & HTML (Basics)
Week 13  
  Exam 3
Week 14  
  World Wide Web: FrontPage
  World Wide Web: Advanced Techniques
Week 15  
  World Wide Web: Advanced Techniques
  Make-up Lab
Week 16  
16-Dec Final Exam

* Schedule subject to change. For more detailed assignment information see Assignments page.

  • "Concepts"/Lecture text, New Perspective Series Computer Concepts, 5th edition Introductory by Parsons and Oja, Course Technology, 2002
  • "Lab" text, Exploring Microsoft Office 2000 Professional, Volume 1 by Grauer and Barber, Prentice Hall, 1999
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