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CS110: Intro to Computers


Lab Exercise 2: Windows Operating System/User Interface

Due Date: by Wednesday, September 18, 2002


Task 1: Format any non-formatted diskettes you have. Instructions may be found on page 17, step 4 (Office Pro book, Prerequisites: Essentials of Windows 95/98 Section). If you are using new pre-formatted diskettes, you may skip this step. However, if you’ve never formatted a diskette you should do consider doing so for the experience and to see the options available.


Task 2: Hands-On Exercises

  1. Do Hands-On Exercise 3, pages 36-42
    • Files can be found on  the Lab PCs/workstations at the following location:

C:\My Documents\Student Data Disk

                                    Also on network drive, in lab environment, mapped to P:\

·        (Note: for future reference, you can also download the Student Data Disk from the publisher’s website. See Prerequisites section: Hands-On Exercise 2, page 25. Also note that there are separate downloads for the Pre-req. section & the other Office exercises).


  1. Do Hands-On Exercise 4, pages 45-53. (In order to do this exercise, you will need to have the 5 practice files on your diskette from the previous exercise, Hands-On #3).


NOTE: be sure to save your work to your “A:” i.e. diskette, drive.


  1. After completing the hands on exercises and saving the files on your diskette, complete the practice exercise #2, on page 58. Print out this sheet & staple with output from exercise.


Task 3: New Perspectives Course Lab (on CD that accompanies Concepts/Lecture text)

Run through the following 2 lab exercises, which can be found on the CD that comes with the Computer Concepts text. Insert the CD into the CD or DVD-Rom drive. The Computer Concepts main menu screen should appear. Please note that there is nothing to hand in for this task.


  1. If, after placing the CD in your CD or DVD-Rom drive, the program does not start up automatically follow the following instructions:
    1. Click on the “Start” menu/button (bottom left corner of your Windows desktop).
    2. Click on the “Run” menu item/option.
    3. Type in the following, in the “Run” dialog window – D:\start


Where you should replace the letter “D” with the letter corresponding to your CD/DVD-Rom drive.

  1. When the Computer Concepts main menu window opens, click on the link titled “Open a New Perspectives Lab”.
  2. Run through the lab in Chapter 4 titled “Working with Windows Explorer” and answer any practice questions.
  3. When complete, run through the lab in Chapter 3 titled “Using the Windows Interface”.

Task 5: Read Chapter 4, Sections A & B in the Concepts/Lecture book. Also read the “Tech Talk” section in Chapter 4, on pages 203-207.


Task 6: Identify Windows 95/98 and Windows Explorer user interface elements.

Identify as many of the following items and concepts as possible on the graphic below. Print out the last page, if you haven’t already, hand-write in the terms below and draw in arrows (where relevant) to the appropriate objects. Staple with the output from the exercises above.


Note: the Microsoft Word version of this document may print out better than the HTML, or web, version.



The Desktop

Tool bar

Drop down list box

Task bar

Status bar

Point & click


Scroll bars

Right click

Title bar

Pull down menus

Double click

Minimize button

Dialog box (or window)

Drag & drop

Maximize button

Radio buttons

Quick Launch bar

Restore button

Check boxes

Command button

Menu bar

Text box






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