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CS110: Intro to Computers

Assignment 1: E-mail & Student Questionnaire

Due Date: by Wednesday, September 11, 2002


Task 1: Get a University Mail Account Immediately (if you don’t already have one).

Go to Computer Center Rm. 114 (first floor of Auerbach Computer & Administration Center, below the registrar and bursars offices) and sign up for a university e-mail account. It will take approximately 2 hours from the time you sign up for your account to become active. Do not loose the user id assigned to you! I recommend that you change your password, if not prompted to do so, when you first use your account. Be sure to use a password that you will not forget!


This account will also provide you with an area for a web homepage, which we will cover later in the course. So it is important that you obtain a University account even if you intend to use a different e-mail address for communication purposes. Also, if this is the case, be sure to login and test your University account to verify that it is functional.


Task 2: Read Chapter 1, Section 1D titled “E-mail Basics” in the Concepts/Lecture book.


Task 3: Compose & send an e-mail message to me listing your favorite e-mail “smileys”, also known as “emoticons”, in the message body. Send it to:


E-mail has spawned a language of “emoticons,” or “smileys,” that are composed of keyboard characters. For example, the smiley ;-) looks like a person winking. You could use this smiley in an e-mail message to indicate that you are joking. Lists of smileys have been published on the Internet and in books, computer magazines, and newspapers. Find a list of smileys and select five that you would like to use. Describe what each means. Submit your list and indicate the source of your selection. (See associated file for this assignment for additional information).


Task 4: Compose & send a 2nd e-mail message to me.

Answer the following questionnaire and send as an attachment to a 2nd e-mail message to me. (A simple text or Microsoft Word document will be sufficient; format it as best you can).




U of H E-mail account:


Preferred E-mail account:




Advisor’s Name:


Year (Freshman, …):




Computer Experience & Computer Courses Taken:

(High School, home use, web surfing, gamer, summer job, etc.):








Do you use a PC regularly? For what purpose?




Why are you taking CS110 & what do you hope to get out of it?






Task 5: Purchase 3 ˝” diskettes. Bring them with you to all classes along with your text books.


Task 6: Read Chapter 1, Section 1A-1C and Chapter 3, Section 3A-3B in the Concepts/Lecture book.


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