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Lab Exercises and Homework Assignments

The assignments are important to your learning experience. I encourage you to go beyond the minimum requirements for each assignment and explore other options or features related the topic(s) covered.

You may find additional information in the texts, by exploring the application interfaces, reading the on-line help or discussing the material with me.

If you have any questions, at any time, please do not hesitate to ask. We can all learn from each other.
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Assignment #1: E-mail Basics
Assignment #1 Resource File: Emoticons

Assignment #2: Windows and File Management

Assignment #3: Web Surfing and Search Engines
Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft Word
Assignment # 4: Formatting
Assignment # 4 File: "Tips for Writing" (.doc)
Assignment # 4 File: "Clip Art and WordArt" (.doc)

Assignment # 5: Advanced Word Features
Assignment # 5 File: "Tips for Word 2000" (.doc)
HTML & Web Pages
Instructions for Final Project - "F02FinalProject" (.htm).

UPDATED HTML Tips and References page for Final Project - "F02WebAuthoringTips" (.htm).
    Added section describing the process for copying (publishing) your files to the web server.

HTML Reference (Windows) Help File - "htmlib95" (.hlp).

HTML Sample Page - "SimpleSample" (.htm).

HTML Sample Page - "SimpleSamplev2" (.htm).

HTML Sample Page - "IntermediateSample" (.htm).

HTML Sample Page - "IntermediateSamplev2" (.htm).
This sample adds a nested table to enable the column widths in the header and the main content area to be independant of each other.
Microsoft Excel
Assignment # 6: Formatting Excel Worksheets
Assignment # 6 File: "Grade Book" (.xls)

Assignment # 7: Proficiency with Excel
Assignment # 7 File: "Expanded Grade Book" (.xls)

Assignment # 8: Graphing/Charting in Excel
Assignment # 8 File: "Software Sales" (.xls)
Assignment # 8 File: "Software Memo" (.doc)
Take-home Test
Instructions for Hands On (take-home) Section of Test # 3 - "F02A2PCPurchase" (.htm).
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