MET 482, Senior Design Project

Department of Mechanical Engineering

College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture


Evaluation of Corrosion Preventative Compounds

Student Team: The Oxidizers

Choy, Kevin
Foote, Byron
Patel, Neil
Wax, Alan

Sponsor: Hamilton Sundstrand

The objective of this project is to examine the galvanic corrosion of propeller hubs expose 24.08.2008 ed with seven holes. A bolt and washer were inserted into each hole, and fastened with stainless steel fasteners at 15 in-lb torque. The fasteners had been treated with 14 different anticorrosive compound coatings currently being used in industry. Each of the bracket panels have been either left bare, anodized or treated with chromate conversion to help simulate potential materials used to manufacture the hubs.
After the bolts, washers, and nuts were fixed to the panels, they were set into the salt chamber for spraying. At the conclusion of the salt spraying periods, the panels were removed, disassembled and examined to document the corrosive behavior exhibited on the compound joints of the aluminum panels. The visual inspection will be quantified using a five point scale provided by the sponsor and the results will be used to inform customers why particular compound coatings are more suitable than others for certain types of products.


University of Hartford CETA Mechanical Engineering