MET 482, Senior Design Project

Department of Mechanical Engineering

College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture

Group 1

Float Sensors and Turntable Assembly

Mike Krupa
Daryl Magner
Eric Romeo

Sponsor: GEMS

Gems Sensors produces a wide variety of compact liquid level sensors, used mostly in the medical field. Gems Sensors problem concerned the assembly process of the float sensors: the manual loading, welding and unloading of the float takes an estimated 15 seconds to perform.  The actual welding only takes a second to bond both the cap and the float together.  The other 14 seconds is lost to loading and unloading of each float.  The reason for time delay between welding processes is the time that it takes the welding horn to travel.  This is because an assembler needs the space and time to load and unload the part and move his or her hands to safety. 

Three different solutions were developed to address the problem that Gem Sensors were having with the current assembly process.  The best solution for this problem was a turntable assembly.  The following information includes, design drawings, parts list, cost of assembly and full development of turntable, Also technical data to support the design chosen.


University of Hartford CETA Mechanical Engineering