MET 482, Senior Design Project

Department of Mechanical Engineering

College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture


The Engineering Applications Center (EAC) is a vehicle for collaboration between the industry and university in the conduct of applied research involving students, faculty and staff. Recent research developments and education of our undergraduate and graduate engineers is evidence that the Center continues to be a model for process innovations. Our challenge is to sustain and improve quality of our education in the twenty-first century. The Engineering Applications Center's commitment to assist industry has continued to remain at the forefront of our industry research program. In addition to solving problems, and deploying new methodologies, we continue to publish some of our in-house research in national and international literature for the benefit of institutions and industries around the world. The EAC provides the opportunity for local business and industry to apply new technologies to their products and processes through application projects, demonstrations, consulting, short courses and symposia.


University of Hartford CETA Mechanical Engineering MET Program