MET 482, Senior Design Project

Department of Mechanical Engineering

College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture


Coating Qualification Testing

Student Team: Superior

Calderone, Jillian
Damm, Jason
Desilets, Brad
Johnson, David

Sponsor: Hamilton Sundstrand

The purpose of this project is to qualify a replacement for a high temperature coating. This coating is used to provide corrosion and oxidation protection for aerospace hardware in a high temperature environment, up to 750°F. The current coating that Hamilton uses has recently been discontinued by the manufacturer and a replacement coating has been identified and will need to pass a series of standardized tests in order to qualify for replacement.  Four different tests were performed according to both ASTM and Hamilton standards: an Abrasion test, Tape Adhesion test, Corrosion Resistance test, and a Fluid Resistance test. Each of these tests was performed with both coatings applied to test specimens. Once completed, the current coating was used as a baseline that the new coating must meet or exceed. All panels were photographed and documented both before and after testing. The panels were then evaluated according to the provided documents and it was determined whether or not the newly identified coating performed at the level required by Hamilton and its customers.



University of Hartford CETA Mechanical Engineering