MET 482, Senior Design Project

Department of Mechanical Engineering

College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture

Brass Hats

Diaphragm Pressurization Test

Student Team: The Brass Hats

Freitag, Doug
Johnston, Brian
Peart, Dwayne
Schoolnik, Cody

Sponsor: Hamilton Sundstrand

A Diaphragm Pressurization device to measure the burst pressure of a Nomex reinforced rubber diaphragm was designed, constructed, and tested for Hamilton Sundstrand’s materials laboratory.  The maximum design pressure of 1500 psi was provided from compressed nitrogen. The device was required to test burst pressure of new diaphragms and compare to those with known real or simulated service histories.  Proper material for the device and bolts used to hold it together were constructed to size to avoid failure at any point during its testing.  Numerous calculations for material thickness and bolt size were developed.  Compression of the diaphragm while in the pressure vessel was also a concern.  The design required that the diaphragm not slip out before it burst, which would render the data invalid. After construction of the pressure vessel, several ¾ inch pieces of the diaphragm were placed inside of it and pressure was applied. This presentation will describe details of the design, considerations for the fabrication, and preliminary test results.


University of Hartford CETA Mechanical Engineering