Dr. William Major
Paper #3
Summary with Analysis

This paper has two parts, a summary and an analysis. For part one, please summarize your reading assignment. Remember, in a summary you must concentrate on the main points of each article; do not worry about minor details. Your summary should be approximately one typed page or one paragraph for each article ("Conservatism" and "Liberalism"). For part two, you should examine your own political beliefs and explain why you see yourself as either a conservative or a liberal. You need to provide your reader with specific, concrete examples of why you are one or the other. For instance, you may wish to focus on certain key issues—education, gun control, women’s rights, the economy, the environment, and so on—and then explain which political philosophy best describes your views.

Should you prefer to remain an independent, the assignment remains the same. Pick a few issues and explain your position. If you consider yourself an independent, it would make sense to demonstrate that you often side with both political beliefs, depending on the issue.


First draft due:
 October 14 (MW class)
 October 15 (TR class)

Final draft due:
 October 21 (MW class)
 October 22 (TR class)

Two to three pages, typed;
Double spaced;