Dr. William Major
Assignment #1: Personal Narrative with Analysis: Educational Experience

This assignment essentially has two parts. In the first part, I would like you to narrate an event about an educational experience that you have had recently. This event can be either positive or negative. For example, you may wish to explore how you felt when you received your first “A” on an English paper; conversely, you may wish to explore what happened when your science teacher made you feel stupid. It’s important that you focus on this one event, since you only have a short amount of space to engage your reader. The rest of the paper should be an analysis (literally, to “break down”) of that event. Why was this experience important for you? What did you learn about yourself or others? Did it affect your views of education? Of teachers? Perhaps most important, your essay should convey to your audience a sense of purpose: why should we care about this story?

 --Typed, 2-3 pages;
 --Paper should have a title;
 --Turn in first draft with final draft.

Due dates:
First draft—Sept. 16
Final draft—Sept. 23