Dr. William Major
Paper #2: Description

In this essay I would like you to describe a particular place that is important to you, paying particular attention on why it is important to you or what it means for you. You should spend no more than one page or so on the physical description; as we discussed in class, your goal here is to create a dominant, subjective impression for your reader. For example, if you were to describe your bedroom at home, it is less important to your readers that we get a detailed picture of what the room looks like than we get a clear understanding of why it is important. Yes, you will want to show the room to your reader, but most important you should give your reader one lasting, dominant impression of that place.

 --Typed, 2-3 pages;
 --Turn in first draft with final draft

Due dates:
    First draft: September 30
    Final draft: October 7