Dr. William Major


Checklist for Argument/Persuasion Paper

Please turn this in with your final draft.

_____Introduction states thesis clearly and forcefully.

_____Argument contains logic (reason, facts, statistics, appeals to authority), ethics (the       right tone), and emotion (personal experience or observation).

_____Argument contains refutation of opposition in at least one paragraph.

_____Argument uses signal verbs and signal phrases to introduce quotations, summaries, and paraphrases.

_____I have a minimum of three (3) outside sources. These sources are varied and did not all come from the Internet.

_____All outside sources, including ideas, are cited using MLA style in-text citation.

_____Paper is not simply a stringing together of other people’s ideas.

_____Paper contains a Works Cited page in MLA style.

_____I have proofread the paper for mechanics, punctuation, and grammar.

_____I have turned in copies of all outside sources.

_____Paper is my original work.