Dr. William Major
English 110
Paper #6: Argumentation/Persuasion

This paper requires that you integrate outside sources into your work. You will need to familiarize yourself with the various elements of research, such as developing a working thesis, locating reputable outside sources, integrating those sources into your text using MLA format, and constructing a works cited page. Over the next two weeks we will spend a good deal of time working on these skills. But in order to prepare yourself for this paper, you should carefully read chapters 46, 47, 48, 49, 51, and 52 in your handbook.

Note: If you are not interested in these topics, please consult with me.

Please refer to section on argumentation on my website for reference.

Paper Topics:

Attack or defend one of the statements below:
a. American drivers will never renounce their cars for mass transit systems.
b. Parents who try to impose their values on young people are the only ones young people respect.
c. The F grade should be abolished.
d. Elderly people should be required to take road tests before having their driving licenses renewed.
e. Life is a constant process of discovering that older people have been idiots.
f. Married couples should not be allowed to have more than two children.
g. The manufacture of cigarettes should be prohibited.
h. Automatic advancement to the next grade level must be eliminated from our schools.
i. Torture is an acceptable way to extract information from a suspected criminal.
j. Hillyer college should not require four English courses for graduation.
k. Liberals are smarter than conservatives.
l. Openly gay men and women should be allowed to teach in public schools without fear of being fired.
m. Racism is an ongoing problem in American society.
n. Corporate America does not care about the environment.
o. Preservation of the natural environment is more important than job creation.
p. The Supreme Court is a highly political branch of government.
q. The drug war is a battle not worth fighting.
r. The United States should (should not) attack Iraq.


Length: Minimum of four (5) typed pages
Citations: Use MLA in-text citations with a works cited page
Number of Outside Sources: A minimum of three (3); avoid the Internet
Research: You must photocopy all material that you cite and turn this material in with your final paper.

Due Dates:

 Completed rough draft: MW course, November 25; TR course, November 26
 Final draft: MW course, December 2; TR course, December 3