Math Sites

Visual Calculus
Math Archives:
Symbolic integrals 
Differential Equations
DE on-line text book
Numerical Methods textbook:

Physics Sites

General Physics Website
The Physics Classroom - an  online text.
A java applet physics library
Multimedia Physics
Mulitmedia Optics
Nelson Wallace's Optics Site (Optics Shareware and Tutorials)
An animated GIF of DC Motors
A Java applet of DC Motors:
Yet another DC Motor
Johns Hopkins Physics Demos - Just a list, not computer based
Fundamental Physics Constants
Physics Textbook Websites
   Algebra-Based  Physics Texts:
    Engineering Physics Text:

Maple Sites 

Maple Manuals
Maple for PDE's:
Maple for calculus and PDE's:

TI Product page

TI-85 Sites 
Note: the TI-85 as well as the TI-92 have been discontinued by TI.  Their web pages can be found by going to the discontiued page:

Applications of the TI-85
TI Calculator Resources
Guidebook (the manual)

TI-86 Sites

Guidebook (the manual)

Browsers and Readers:

MathCAD Browser:
MS Office readers

Technical Shareware, Freeware and Demos:

Javascript  - free source code
Simtel - shareware and demo software source for DOS, Win 3.1 and in 95
MD Solids
OSLO (Optical Design Software - OSLO LT is free (up to 12 surfaces)) 
Optics Net: 
Tools of astronomical interest (also has KDP version 3.01 and a DOS version)
CyclePad (Thermodynamics)
KDP Optics (Free Windows 95/98 Optical Design Program)
ZEMAX and other software from Focus  Software

Book Publishers

McGraw-Hill - General/Intro Engineering
Prentice Hall - Guided Tour to Companion Websites


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