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Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Physics
College of Engineering, Technology and Architecture
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Retention-Oriented Curricular Design (2010)

Retention Strategies in Smaller Technology Majors (2006)

The Use of the Visual-Spatial Intelligence in the Solution of Elementary Physics Problems (2003)

Teaching Problem Solving in an Integrated Mathematics-Writing Curriculum  (2002)

Word Problems and Problems with Words: a Possible Solution (2001)

Recruiting and Retaining Faculty and Managing Diverse Majors in Four Year Schools of Engineering Technology  (1999)



Patent #    Title


7,492,805  Scalable spherical laser

5,889,807  High power photolytic iodine laser  

5,802,093  Continuous wave photolytic iodine laser  

5,179,563  Linear polarization control of high power lasers  

5,173,918  High power laser having staged laser adjoint
                  pulsed feedback  

5,153,425  Broadband optical limiter with sacrificial mirror
                  to prevent irradiation of a sensor system by high
                  intensity laser radiation

Source:     US Patent Office using interneTIFF then Adobe Acrobat
Another source for patents:
Just in case you need the software to read the papers:  Get Adobe Reader




My teaching methodologies - what I do and why I do it.

Faculty Focus on Flipped Classrooms - the modern way to teach emphasizing student involvement.

How to scale exams so they have the same average and standard deviation.

My favorite math app on the Mac: LiveMath uses drag and drop to perform substitutions. It is very easy to use. I have no financial or other interest in LiveMath. I have just used it since the 1980s when it was called Theorist. I use it for all algebraic derivations. Taylor series are a snap as are derivatives.





Some of my favorite web sites


A great TI-89 tutorial site also found at Prenhall's TI-89 tutorial site

See the Hassen and Schiffman link mentioned above for more great TI-89 information.

Got a TI-Nspire CX CAS? I just bought one. Check out the links below for a great set of video tutorials. Be sure to put a screen protector on the device as mine got scratched easily.
Handheld device
Computer software emulator (it comes with the hardware.)


Interactive mathematics - shows each step of the solution (see above)

Wolfram Alpha - also shows each step of the solution (see above)

Paul's Online Math Notes - great crib sheets

A great site for understanding math

Vitutor: A very extensive set of math tutorials. I used it to solve problems involving analytic geometry. It also includes tutorials from arithemtic to calculus.

Purple math.: Algebra tutor recommended by one of my students.

Khan Academy - recommended by alot of people. From the site: "With over 3,200 videos on everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and hundreds of skills to practice, we're on a mission to help you learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace." Watch the video. Stop and rewind it to see it again. Super site! The videos are also available in iTunes U,one of my favorite places to play. You can get iTunes for Mac and PC at - has some great exercises

A great site that has animated disk, shell, and washer methods for integration. Also check out the sine wave animation as well as lots of other trig animations. Here is the main TOC for their animations library. Sometimes you will need to be patient as the animation does not start immeidately.

Flash cards for all sorts of subjects.

Basic Fourier series with animated gifs showing the effect of keeping an increasing number of terms.

Fourier Sine and Cosine Series with animated gifs showing the effect of keeping an increasing number of terms.

A fun Fourier Series applet. If you back up a tad you find lots of math and physics great applets.

Flash, Flex, web development: - Free video tutorials for using Adobe products by Adobe Platform Evangelist, Lee Brimelow - math related Flash and Actioncript tutorials.

Free magaziine on using Blender - Blenderart Magazine

Flash and Flex magazine - tutorials and books on HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.

Learn by doing at Javascript, jQuery, and Web Fundmentals.


PhET Interactive Science Simulations. Beware -the site is addictive! I think my favorite simulation is Electric Field Hockey. I also enjoy Masses and Springs.

Sketchup video tutorials

Oodles of video tutorials for a small fee -

The Engineering Toolbox - The Engineering Toolbox-Sketchup edition

Geometric Optics Spreadsheet - includes misalignment, embedded Gaussian, and geometric resonator solutions.

On Line tools:

I spent the summer of 2010 immersed in watching tutorial videos from At some point you will see my website join the 21st century as a result. I am a visual learner so watching, then doing, works for me. Not all people learn that way, but I do. I have watched many videos for Dreamweaver, CSS, jQuery, Fireworks, Spry, Excel, and Final Cut Express. I have many more tutorials on my list as I want to be proficient at web design as it is now done, Excel VBA, audio and video processing, and the use of Flash in Air applications for visualization of the solutions of dynamics equations. I am thoroughly enjoying my education. Note that is not a free resource but I found it reasonably priced and well worth the investment.

Wolfram Alfpha ( was discovered by one of my students. It will give step by step descriptions of solving intergrals, for example. The program is also accessible as an app on my iPhone. Here is a link so you can test it out for yourself.

IntMath ( is another site that will do step by step math for you - precalc through differential equations. I recommend it to all my students.

If you want to see physics in action, I highly recommend the apps at PhET ( I have really enjoyed playing with and building my intuition from their simulations.

Please let me know when you find more such sites. I will add them to my own website



With the exception of my patents, I have no financial or other business interest in any site or book referenced above. I just find them useful.


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