Spring 1996

Founding Sister
Number One
Major: Politics and Government
Minor: Paralegal
Graduated: May 1998

Greetings everyone, my name is Luanda and I am a recent graduate
from the University of Hartford, I guess that would make me an
alumnus of school and my chapter. I am very proud to say that I am a
Founding Sister of this chapter. I am originally from New York, and my heart and
spirit continue to reside there. I am currently working for the mayor of
New Britain, CT, as a Mayoral Aide. This job has forced me to become a
"Connecticun" but as I state previously, I know where my heart is.

As many sisters before and after me, I have given everything
I can to this wonderful organization and will continue to
do so. During my limited spare time, I enjoy reading and writing
poetry, traveling, and simply spending quality time with those that I miss.

My future aspirations include attending law school, slowly
climbing the ladder of governmental success, and perhaps in that
limited spare time of mine, I will just take over the world.............

Many may know me as LuLuNaNa, which is a nick that
one of my sisters, Andrea, and her boyfriend, Julio, baptized me with,
and it stuck. So don't hesitate to email at

Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy our web page,
that was organized so spectacular by my lovely line sister, Aida!!!!!
Always go with a smile = )