Supplemental Notes

Hello, my name is Krista Hill. I am a professor in the College of Engineering (COE) at the University of Hartford. I teach courses related to computer engineering. I've found to my surprise, that in my teaching I do quite a bit of typing. This page is set up to serve as a central access point to the supplemental notes that I type.

Please Let me know that you read my web pages.

ASM Charts

A brief introdution to ASM charts
Binary Sequece Detection Notes
These notes were originally prepared for an introductory logic circuits course, even still it presents an interesting state machine example.
'C' Programming Review
These notes were first written for students in the embedded microprocessor course that I teach.  I've used these notes with other students as well, to help them reviewing 'C' programming.
Starting Codewarror with 9S12 Assembly  
Introduction to Code Warrior for the 68HC12
This tutorial is written for the Embedded Microprocessor course that I teach.
cxlib - Cooperative multitasking library for CodeWarrior and the 68HC12
The step after super-loop structures is cooperative multitasking, like that provided by cxlib.  The library is relatively simple and provides a first introduction to the internals of multitasking.
Delay Time Anaylsis
An introduction to manual techniques for examining the delay in combinational logic circuits.
Software useful for ES115 - Engineering Computer Applications
Students have several software options available to them.  These pages should help.

Graphical representation of procedures
KiCad and Dia
Schematic capture and technical drawing software
Microcoded Data Path
Using VHDL structural techniques to describe a rudimentary processor
Spice Simulation
Collection of Spice related items
Super Loops - Assembly language example for the 68HC11
Super Loops - Assembly language example for the 9S12 and CodeWarrior
Super Loops - CodeWarrior 'C' for 68HC12 version
Many high-volume low-complexity microcontroller based applications such as microwave ovens, toys, and the like use a loop structure that repeatedly calls a set of functions in order.
Teaching Logic Circuits with CPLDs
Introduction to Xilinx ISE
Introduction to Xilinx ISE Schematic capture (OLD)
Xilinx ISE is a set of FPGA design tool, it comes in a professional version as well as a no-cost version called WebPack.  Download WebPack from the Xilinx webpage.

Dated Notes

The following are considered to be dated and are less likely to be maintained.  Please Let me know that you read my web pages and in particular if any of the following contnent is still useful.

Introduction to Buffalo
Buffalo is a resident monitor/debugger program used with the Motorola 68HC11E9 mircrocontroller.  We previously used this device to teach students about microprocessors, peripherals, and assembly language programming.
The 471X Architecture - a 4 bit microprocessor
This project has been helpful to a number of my graduate and undergraduate students

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