Introducing CodeBlocks 8.02 for Windows

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CodeBlocks is a cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE).  This page is written for use with CodeBlocks version 8.02.  The intended audience is students not familiar yet with C++ programming or with such an integrated development environment.  CodeBlocks is Free Software.  When we speak of Free Software we are referring to Freedom rather than price.  Free Software is developed in the spirit of community and is copyrighted.  The GNU General Public License is the legal instrument that makes CodeBlocks Free and ensures that it remains Free.  In truth, we can choose to join in as members of the CodeBlocks community, otherwise the community will exist happily without us.
As I learn more about CodeBlocks, this web site will be updated.  This webpage is Free Software Documentation, as such this document is copyrighted and licensed according to the GNU Free Documentation License.

Copright: 2008 by Krista Hill
Released: Tue Mar 18 00:10:41 EDT 2008