Project nod4 - A Simple Yet Non-Trivial Soft-Core Processor

The nod4 processor archtiecture is the fourth in the nod series.  The behavior of nod1 and nod2 processors were modeled with software.  The nod4.1 processor is the third actual hardware implememtation, following nod3 and nod4.0.  While nod4.1 is a new implementation, it is still a representation of the nod4 architecture.

Code in the nod4 system is copyrighted using version 3 of the GNU General Pubulic License (GPL).  Documentation for the nod4 system is copyrighted using the corresponding GNU licence for documentation.  These licenses are included with nod4 files, but if you did not receive these files, they are available from the Free Software Foundation.

nod4 System

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Author: Krista Hill, (  kmhill at hartford dot edu  )
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