Dr. Krista Hill's Tech. Projects

Over time I have collected several projects that I intend to support in one way or other.  These projects are organized as being actively pursued, or otherwise.  But in either case, the projects have been found to be useful.

Actively Being Pursued

xmod project Xilinx CPLD module
lua projectMy project for Lua

Not Currently Being Developed

The cxlib Library
A simple library for cooperative multitasking and pre-emptive round-robin type scheduling in embedded systems
Discrete Time Signal Processing Toolkit
The educational discrete time signal processing (DTSP) toolkit can be used to teach DTSP principles and also can be used in studet project.
Educational wireless network toolkit
The eductional wireless network toolkit can be used in student projects and is helpful in teaching wireless network principles.
Fiber optic data communications toolkit
The fiber optic toolkit provides a low-cost means for students to examine a practical data link.
Microcoded Data Path (MDP) in VHDL
This is a generalized discussion of the microcoded data path project that I regularly assign in my VHDL course.
Motor controls toolkit
The robotic car and ballancing pendulum
The nod4 project
The nod4 processor is a simple yet nontrivial VonNeumann style computer architecture that undergraduate students may implement as a soft-core processor.

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