It won't be long before you are getting ready to graduate from the University.  That means during your last semester here you'll be sending out resumes to try to get a good job.  You've probably gotten comfortable here; you certainly know the ropes so life is pretty predictable.  When you think about leaving and getting a full-time job, you may be experiencing some stress over what it will be like and how successful you'll be out there in the "real world."
 This course cannot promise you success, but it will help you have some sense of what it will be like to work in an organization in 2000.  Organizations have been changing, quite dramatically in some ways, and we will talk about some of those changes in this course.  We will consider the implications of those changes for communication systems and processes in organizations.  This course is designed to extend your knowledge of organizational communication beyond the foundation you learned in CMM 230 and to stimulate your thinking about a variety of issues such as power, organizational identification, culture, communication technologies, and diversity issues.
 Class sessions will involve discussion, with some lecture.  Your participation in class is needed and is expected.  To participate effectively, you will need to complete all readings and assignments on time.  You will be asked to discuss in class your experiences in organizations and what you read about companies and other relevant topics.

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