CMM 115: Improving Communication Skills

Special Section

This section of CMM 115 is designed for intensive work in communication situations in which you feel your performance needs to be improved.  This course is not a means by which you can avoid speaking situations that you find difficult and uncomfortable.  On the contrary, it is a course designed to teach you the skills that you need to perform effectively in most speaking situations.  Course assignments require that you practice the skills you are taught both within and outside of the classroom.  The syllabus is quite flexible because the course is tailored to your individual needs.  Once I get to know you and your communication strengths and weaknesses, we can work together on an individual basis to determine what specific assignments you should complete during the course.

The following communication concepts will be covered:

1. The Context:  How do time and place shape behavior in a
   communication situation?
2. The Goal: What specifically do you want to accomplish through
3. The Sayables: What can you talk about in a given situation?
4. The Order: How do you structure (organize) messages?
5. The Practice: How do you rehearse before entering a speaking situation?
6. The Evaluation: Did you achieve your goal?  How can you improve in your next attempt?


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