Christopher J. Keller
Curriculum Vitae

University of Hartford                                                                                                          47 Avonwood Road
Rhetoric, Language, and Culture Department                                                                    Apartment #217
Auerbach Hall                                                                                                                       Avon, CT  06001
West Hartford, CT  06117                                                                                                    (860) 678-8201
(860) 768-5239                                                                                                            


University of Florida
Ph.D. (August 2001)
Emphases in:  Rhetoric and Composition
                        Anthropological and Ethnographical Theories and Methodologies
                        Nature and Environmental Writing and Rhetoric
Dissertation:   The Construction of the Student Writer: Composition Studies, Anthropology, and Youth Cultures
Dissertation Director:  Sidney I. Dobrin

Kansas State University
M.A. (May 1997)
Medieval Literature, Writing

University of Texas—Austin
B.A. (August 1994)
English Literature

Teaching Experience

Assistant Professor, University of Hartford (Fall 2001 to Present)

·    Reading and Writing I—taught introductory course that centers on reading, writing
     and thinking within various social, cultural, and historical contexts.
·    Foundations of Argument—devised and taught course based on theories of argumentation
     that extend from classical rhetoric to the present.

Visiting Instructor, Rollins College (Fall 2000 to Spring 2001)

· Expository and Argumentative Writing—taught course for freshman students that focused
  on written exposition and persuasion as well as audience analysis.

Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Florida (Fall 1997 to Summer 2000)

· Modes of Inquiry (Summer Bridge Program)—taught course for traditionally under-represented
  students that concentrated on reading and writing skills.
· Expository and Argumentative Writing—devised and taught course about written exposition
  and persuasion as well as audience analysis.
· Writing about Literature—devised and taught course that focused on producing argumentative
  and critical texts about literature.
· Writing about Nature and Environment (Honors)—devised and taught course that examined
  the rhetorics of environmental texts and movements.
· British Survey—1750 through Present—devised and taught course that focused on concepts
  of nature in British poetry and prose.
· Advanced Business Writing (Graduate Level)—taught computer networked course for master’s
  students that concentrated on textual production in business environments.

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Kansas State University (Fall 1995 to Summer 1997)

· Expository and Argumentative Writing—devised and taught course about written exposition
  and persuasion as well as audience analysis.
· Introduction to Literature—devised and taught course that focused on producing argumentative
  and critical texts about literature.

Teaching Awards

Graduate-Assistant Teaching Award, Department of English, University of Florida.
(Academic Year 1998-99).

Teaching Interests and Research

· All levels of rhetoric and composition from undergraduate to graduate
· Composition in computer networked environments
· Rhetorics of Science and Culture
· Business, technical, and professional writing
· Environmental rhetoric and nature writing


Writing Environments:  Rhetoric, Text, and the Construction of Nature.  Co-edited with
Sidney I. Dobrin.  Albany: State University of New York Press (Forthcoming).

Instructor’s Manual for Saving Place:  An Eco-reader of Place and Environment for the
Composition Classroom.  MacGraw-Hill (Forthcoming).

Publications—Articles and Reviews

“Unsituating the Subject: "Locating" Composition and Ethnography in Mobile Worlds.”
Protean Ground:  Critical Ethnography and the Postmodern Turn.”  Edited by Stephen G. Brown.
Albany: State University of New York Press.  (Forthcoming).

“Gardens and Classrooms, Plants and Discourse: A Closer Look at Hybridity.” Writing Environments:
Rhetoric,Text, and the Construction of Nature.  Eds. Christopher Keller and Sidney I. Dobrin.  Albany:
State University of New York Press (Forthcoming).

“The Ecology of Writerly Voice: Authorship, Ethos, and Persona.”   Ecocomposition:  Theoretical
and Pedagogical Perspectives.  Edited by Christian Weisser and Sidney I. Dobrin.  Albany:  State
University of New York Press, 2001.  193-208.

“Review of Discourses of the Environment.”  Edited by Eric Darier.  Interdisciplinary Studies of
Literature and the Environment (ISLE).  7.2 (2000):  285-86.

“Review of Theorizing Composition:  A Critical Sourcebook of Theory and Scholarship in
Contemporary Composition Studies.”  Edited by Mary Lynch Kennedy.  Composition Forum
10.2 (1999):  62-65.

“Review of Dramas of Solitude:  Narratives of Retreat in American Nature Writing.”  By Randall
Roorda.  In JAC:  A Journal of Composition Theory  19.3 (1999): 511-16.

“Review of Factual Fictions:  The Origins of the English Novel.”  By Lennard J. Davis.  The
Eighteenth Century:  A Current Bibliography  (1996).  (Forthcoming).

Writing Program Administration

Advisory Board Member, Freshman Writing Program at Rollins College (Fall 2000)
Participated in meetings about the development of the writing program, including issues of
assessment, text selections, and innovative teaching;  worked closely with writing center
director and mentors.

Summer Bridge Program, University of Florida (Summer 1999)
Participated in weekly meetings about the construction of the bridge program’s summer English
course, a course that focused on strengthening students’ reading and writing skills in order to help
mainstream traditionally under-represented students into the university’s curriculum.


Research Grant, MacGraw-Hill Publishing Company
Helped produce Saving Place: An Eco-reader of Place and Environment  (Forthcoming).

Conference Presentations

“The Open Hand of Science:  Rhetoric of Wonder in Public Persuasion.”  Tenth Biennial
Conference of the Rhetoric Society of America (RSA).  Las Vegas, Nevada.  (May 2002).

“Teaching Environmental Literacy and Literature: Considering Interdisciplinary Approaches.”
Northeast Modern Language Association Annual Conference (NEMLA).  Toronto, Canada.
(April 2002).

“Anthropology for Composition Studies: Theorizing Disciplinary Identity.”  Annual Conference on
the Teaching of Writing in Connecticut.  New Haven, Connecticut (October 2001).

“Writing and Politics:  Literacy, Nature, and the Problems of Student Indoctrination”  Conference on
College Composition and Communication (CCCC).  Minneapolis  (April 2000).

“Writing ‘Like a Mountain’:  A More Fluid Approach to Composition.”  Florida College English
Association Annual Conference (FCEA).  Altamonte Springs, Florida  (February 2000).

“Ecocomposition and ‘Learning’:  Intersections Among Nature, Literacy, and Academic Discourse.”
The Third Biennial Conference of The Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment (ASLE).
Western Michigan University.  Kalamazoo, Michigan (June 1999).

“The Pedagogy of Representation:  Rewriting Culture in the Composition Classroom.”  The Annual Cultural
Studies Symposium.  Kansas State University. Manhattan, Kansas (March 1999).

“Writing Locally:  Retreat and Composition in Florida’s Natural Environment.”  Florida College English
Association Annual Conference (FCEA).  St. Augustine, Florida (February 1999).

“Searching for Crusoe’s Island:  John Dos Passos’s Three Soldiers and the Meaning of Place after The
Great War.”  The Space Between Annual Conference.  State University of New York, New Paltz
(October 1998).

“Ecocriticism’s Function in Cultural Studies:  Negotiating the Boundaries between Place and Identity in
the Writing Classroom.”  Interdisciplinary Conference on Language and Literature.  Texas A&M
University.  College Station, Texas (September 1998).

Editorial Experience

Assistant Editor, JAC:  A Journal of Composition Theory (Spring 1998 to Fall 1999)
Assisted editor with day-to-day operations.  Managed peer review process;  maintained log of acceptances
and rejections;  corresponded with authors, editors of other journals, publishers, editorial readers, and the
JAC editorial board.  Wrote acknowledgement and rejection letters;  solicited manuscripts for possible
publication; copy-edited manuscripts.

Editorial Assistant, JAC:  A Journal of Composition Theory (Fall 1997 to Winter 1998)
Assisted editor with daily operations.  Edited accepted manuscripts before their publication;  researched
bibliographic citations included in accepted manuscripts;  organized mass-mailings to subscribers and readers.

Editor, The Rollins Fox: Journal of The Freshman Writing Program (Fall 2000 to Spring 2001)
Founded and edited a journal comprised of outstanding student essays written in freshman composition courses
at Rollins College;  managed the essay selection process;  produced the journal with desk-top publishing
programs;  headed an awards ceremony for selected student writers.

Other Professional Activities and Service

Technology and Writing Committee, Rollins College (Fall 2000 to Spring 2001)
Took part in forging relationships between the department of English and college technology services in
order to create a more computer-oriented freshman writing program.

Web Page Design Committee, Rollins College (Fall 2000 to Spring 2001)
Helped construct website for the English department’s freshman writing program, including pages that
outline the program’s mission statement, course policies, plagiarism statement, and assignments as well
as links to other sites that focus on writing pedagogies.

Focus Group Member, Bedford/St. Martin’s Press (April 2000)
Participated in a roundtable discussion with Bedford/St. Martin’s editors regarding composition textbooks
and online resources.

Moderator, “Research and Rhetoric in Medical Settings:  Re-Imagining Qualitative Research in a
Qualitative World.”  Conference on College Composition and Communication.  Minneapolis,
Minnesota (April 2000).

Teaching-Assistant Mentor, University of Florida (Fall 1999).
Assisted new TAs learn to teach freshman writing:  helped them formulate assignments, looked over their
grading procedures, and commented on their teaching styles.

Textbook Reviewer, Exploring Community.  McGraw-Hill.  (November 1999).

Textbook Reviewer, Agent Prose:  A Brief Guide to the First-Year Writing Course.  By Brian McCrea.
Alliance Press. (Fall 1999)

Textbook Reviewer,  In Context.  Addison Wesley Longman.  (March 1999)

Textbook Reviewer, The Borzoi Handbook for Writers.  By Frederick Crews, Sandra Schor, and
Michael Hennessy.  McGraw-Hill. (February 1999).

Professional Memberships

· National Council of Teachers of English
· Modern Language Association
· Association of Teachers of Advanced Composition
· Rhetoric Society of America
· College English Association
· Northeast Modern Language Association
· Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment
· Popular Culture Association of America


Professor Sidney I. Dobrin
Writing Program Director
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-7310
(352) 392-6650 ext. 226

Professor Susan Hegeman
Department of English
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-7310
(352) 392-6650 ext. 245

Professor Twila Papay
Department of English—Box 2666
Rollins College
Winter Park, FL 32789
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