Firearms Info. on the Web:

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Subj:	assignment 5

The first part of the assignment was to find a site on an aspect of firearms.
The Contra Costa Coalition to prevent Gun Violence can be found at Http://

The focus of this page is keeping cities and counties safe.  There is a link
to how children but guns for $35.  It also talks about measures for state-wide
or county-wide regulations.  There are many related links including links to
senators in any state.

The second part of this assignment was to find an article.  I picked "Not One
More" by Janis Decker-Frisk.  This can be found at

This article focuses on the death of Samar El-Okdi who was guned down in 1997.
It talks about gun violence groups and the story behind the death of this one
person who did good for her community.  At the end it says there will be an update
after the trial of the two men accused in this murder.
There are links to victims resources and other gun safety pages or articles.

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Subj:	assignment 5

I. -
A russian gun making company which has no specialty gun or weapon, this compnay
like most post soviet companies makes all types of mechanical machinery
including cars, motorcycle engines and other such things.  Very detailed
descriptions of the weapons that they produce along with pictures of each
weapon next to it.
II. -`cknox/fc/fc12-28-96
Newsletter updating people who are in support of Mr. Knox a very viable figure
in the world realm of legalized firearms.  Once president of the NRA in the
1970's he now testifies and lobbies for the second amendment through the
backing of individuals around the country.  His newsletter updates it's
subscribers about the recent changes in the government about the changes that
have been made or will be made.  Through the use of electronic mail these
people are being kept up on the recent revalations in the World.

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Subj:	rlc111

	I found a site called "Gunfree Site".  It is called that because it
promotes the idea of ending gun violence by getting rid of the guns. (Its URL
is  It  had several areas to go into.  One of
the areas I checked out was the Federal Firearms Regulation.  It had a lot of
information on the topic and I feel that if anyone was doing their report on
the restrictions on guns and the laws on guns that this would be very useful to

	Using Webcrawler, I found a document called "Shooting Blind:The Media
Vs 'Assault Weapons'"(its URL is  It
was written by William R. Tonso.  It was a bit lengthy but had very good
information on the outlook the media has towards guns and how it affects the
media and its viewers.  This is definitely a good document for anyone doing
their report on how guns affect the media.

	This is not part of the report but I wanted to tell you that this was a
very good assignment.  I did not realize how much information could be found
through the internet.  This will be very useful when I have to do my report.

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Subj:	rlc Ass5

Politics Now, Crime and Gun Control: Angles From Lexis-Nexis

This site provides up to date information on the gun control debate.
The main focus seems to be on gun legislation, new bills and laws involving
guns, and political candidates views on guns and gun control.

Dr. Norman Rubenstein - Proposed Gun Control Legislation

Says that controlling ammunition is the secret to controlling guns.  Gun
control laws are weak and not widely supported.  Says a gun is useless without
ammunition so why not pass a law that would ban the use and production of
ammunition, instead of wasting time trying to bn guns when the real threat is
in the bullets.

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Subj:	Assignment #5

Professor Dowst,
	This is my e-mail for assignment #5.  
Part 1
   Name: Code 7 Cafe

This site offers several services available to anyone interested in information
on firearms and related topics.  It offers several links to information on
clases, firearmstatistics, currentevents involving firearms, and other related

Part 2
   Name: Children and Firearms.  Written by advisors from ChildSecure

This article discusses issues involving children and firearms.  It gives
statistics, and ways to protect children against gun violence.  It discusses
reasons children are involved with firearms, and where they get their ideas and
images of firearms.

That's all for now.


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Subj:	Assignment  #5

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Subject: Assignment  #5

                                      Assignment #5
Sara Gittleman
RLC 111
TR 1:30-2:45

Name: Facts About Guns
     This web site contains many different issues that were discussed in our
RLC class, related to guns.  The site deals with the topics of firearm
suicides, assault weapons, Saturday Night Specials, guns in schools, and many
other important topics.  I feel that this site would be useful to our class
because it has information about different issues that we have been
discussing all semester.

Name: Basic Facts of Suicide
     This article is a document from the "Facts About Guns" web site.  It
contains endnotes stating the sources that were used for the information that
was provided.  This article pertains to the issue of suicide by a firearm.
 It gives statistical information from the 1960's to our present day.  the
article compares suicide rates of men, woman, and teens.  It is a good
article to help a researcher find out some statistics on gun suicide.

From:	UHAVAX::HECKMAN      26-FEB-1997 20:30:49.38
Subj:	assignment 5
"The Gun Page"
	Guns are very powerful weapons and should be treated with respect.
Accroding to Jeff Cooper, "A gun never goes off unless something causes it to
do so ."  He has four rules of gun safety: Rule one- All guns are always
loaded, rule two- Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to
destroy, rule three- Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on
target, rule four- Be sure of your target.
"The States' Different Approaches to Carrying Concealed Weapons"
By Jeffery A. Showell
	Many states are now allowing citizens to carry weapons with a new
permit system.  This system runs a background checkon people applying for the
right to carry a gun.  Those who are not approved may appeal the decision in
court.  Some states require the citizen to supply a reason for carrying a gun.

						Lauren Heckman
						RLC 111  1:30

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Subj:	ass5

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Assignment 5
Beth Katsaros

The Austrailian Medical Association is launching a counter 
attack against the gun lobby with a national summit on guns
and health in canberra June 28,1994  Speakers will discuss 
the health implications of gun ownership and its links
to suicide, murder,accidental deaths,and injuries.

The AFA is a politically moderate, gun owners orginization
dedicated to trying to find the middle ground between the
rights of gun owners, and the needs of society.  They support
things like sport shooting and hunter education and oppose
 increaasing dealer license fees to prohibitive sales.

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Subj:	jeremy tessier ass5

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From: Trish  Sasso 
Subject: jeremy tessier ass5


Orange County Citizens for the prevevtion of Gun Violence believes that all
deaths or injuries by guns are preventable. Like Sugarman they to believe
the problem to be a public health and safety problem. They work with many
other groups to impact many issues associated with gun violence. 

The home page offers only a summery or short story of how the Thompson
Submachinegun came to be. From there you can go to the nine other short
stories that combined tell the whole story of the tommy gun. Mr. James says
wehter a gun enthusiast or not you will enjoy reading the story of the tommy


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Subj:	2nd part of assignment 5

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Here is the email you requested.

Walter Winiarz

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Name:  Colt's Firearms


What this web sight focuses on is guns specifically Colt's guns.  In the

page it show multiple pictures of different types of guns ranging from

gatling guns to small handguns.  Along with these pictures are

specifications of the guns.

Name:  Criminal Statistics England and Wales 1992


Basically in the article the author talks about if a criminal wants to

get a gun no stupid federal regulation is going to stop him from getting

it.  He also talks about with all these new laws there has been higher

gun violence.  He is basically saying it does not work.


Also I had a topic for my paper and wanted to see what you thought.

Are toys guns too realistic compared to real guns?

And when you get this email and you send me a response telling me you

have recieved this.

Walter Winiarz

RLC 111

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Subject: Fwd: Randy Zimmerman RCL111

Forwarded message:
Subj:    Randy Zimmerman RCL111
Date:    97-02-27 16:17:11 EST
From:    Ruhaz42

To:      kdowst (

NAME:  The National Rifle Association of America- established in 1994 by the
VRA Institute for Legislative Action
The National Rifle Assocaiation of America Home Page gives news information,
membership information, a list of programs, a mailing list, and a description
of their association.  In addition to this, the NRA Home Page lists factual
gun related documents.  Such pages include Crime Strike, Education and
Training, Grassroots, Hunting Services, State Firearm Laws, Volunteer
Programs, and even Women Issues.  These are just several document pages
available through this home page.  Competitions, Friends of the NRA, even
Legislative Updates; NRA Home Page has it all.

NAME: Crimestrike-  The Racist Origins of Gun Control
This page, a division of the NRA allowed me a link to an article on racist
origins of gun control.

NAME:  Laws Designed To Disarm Slaves, Freedmen, And African-Americans
Back before the conclusion of the Civil War, state "Slave Codes" prohibited
slaves from owning guns.  States were determined to prohibit blacks from
owning guns under "Black Codes."  Blacks were considered not citizens and
therefore did not have the same rights, including the right to bear arms, as
whites.  When the Civil Rights Act of 1866 was passed by Congress, it
overrode many portions of the "Black Codes."  However, many southern states
imposed high taxes of banned inexpensive guns as to price blacks and poor
whites out of the gun market.  Even today, "gun control laws continue to be
enacted so as to have a racist effect if not intent.

From:	UHAVAX::PTORNEO       2-MAR-1997 21:05:08.63

I url-
This site had many interesting topics and links.  I looked at a couple gun
control articles that were very informative.  This site also had many other
links to topics concerning guns and gun laws.  This would be a good place for
information on laws and many other topics.

II url-
Title-Bigotry , Symbolism , and Ideology in the Battle over Gun Control
Auther-Don B. Kates , Jr.
Published-Public Interest Law Review ,1992
This article looks at the heated debate between anti-gun and pro-gun sides.  U
found this article very interesting.  The article explains that many gun owners
themselves support gun control laws but not bans.  Most gun owners supported a
waiting period and backround checks for handgun purchases.  They also supported
registration for semiautomatic weapons , handguns , rifles , and shotguns.  I
found this to be very reasonable on the part of gun owners.  The ironic part
was the anti-gun people.  Most anti-gun lobbyists call for bans on weapons and
bans on ammunition and bans on everything else.  It is suggested in this
article that if they did not call for such extreme laws they would get more
support from the public , and eventually get more laws passed.

                                      Patrick Torneo

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Subj:	assignment #5

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Subject: assignment #5

Andrea Winning

Name: UCRC Guide to your Second Amendment Rights
	Focuses on second amendment pro gun issues.  Includes gun laws for some
states and emphasizes the citizen's right to keep and bear arms.  Has many
links to web sites that are, "dedicated to protect your rights to keep and bear

name: "Murdered Clerk Had Sought Handgun for Protection" by Dunston Prial,  The
Shreveport Times,  August 17, 1995
	This article is about a man that felt the need to have a gun to protect
his safety due to his job working the late shift in a bad area.  The man's
Brady Law application was rejected even though he passed all of the questions
regarding past convictions and so on.  The man planned to resubmit his
application but he never made it.  He was shot to death the next night while
leaving work.  Two days after the shooting his application was approved.

From:	UHAVAX::GAMBESCIA     3-MAR-1997 16:43:14.58
Subj:	assignment 

Stephen GambesciaRLC 1112/27/97Assignment 5Name: Landry's GunsURL:	Landry's Guns is an all purpose artillery shop
located in Los Angeles, California.  Isn't that convenient.  They pride
themselves in having the largest selection of assault weapons, from WWI rifles
to today's models.  They seem to have a excessive selection of ammo, for they
have set up their own ammo page. If you look closely you can see they are
speaking ebonics.  Here is the second sentence in their intro: "All are have
reasonable prices and fun to shoot."  If you use a back country accent, it give
a better effect.  Try this, "All are ave reasonal prizes en vun ta shoot." 
They have in stock all firearms from Egyptian and Bulgarian AK47s to
Mosin-Nagant M39, supposedly they most accurate assault weapon available.  They
will take any order, for any gun, and they clam they can get it for you.  You
can even leave a request for a gun before exiting the page.Name: "Foes Take Aim
at Plan to Repeal Weapons Ban," by David Reyes,  Los Angeles Times, 	 
December 12, 1995.URL:	
Before the end of  the  year Newt Gingrich plans to hold a voting to repeal the
ban on 19 types of  assault weapons.  Protester gathered to express their views
against the Representative.  On protestor asked, "Can these politicians explain
how having more assault weapons be regarded as pro-child and pro-family? 
Gingrich and other pro-gun advocates claim they have to maintain their
constitutional right to bear arms.  Charles L. Bleck, Jr, responsible for the
protest, explained from polls taken from Handgun Control Inc., that three out
of every four Americans want this ban to stay intact.  President Clinton also
claimed he would veto such a repeal if it ever reach his office.  Repealing the
ban would lead to only one situation, more deaths and fatal wounds caused by
guns.  I believe in the First Amendment and Americans right to bear arms, but I
feel guns such as SNSs' serve only one purpose and that is to kill human
beings.  So, there is no need for that type of weapon to be available.  If you
are a true gun enthusiast you should understand the power of guns, and realize
that some guns are truly absurd.  There is nothing wrong with a day at the
range, with a nice Remington.

From:	UHAVAX::GORDZIEL      3-MAR-1997 16:55:42.27
Subj:	homework from STephanie Gordzel

Oops, I spelled my own last name wrong, but oh well. Here's the info. you need
for assignment 5:

NAME: Rich's Firearm Page
This web-site has many different links, documents, and pictures about firearms
topics.  Some of the documents are history-related to firearms, while others
are policies and controversial arguments about firearms. The pictures are neat
and interesting. Rich supplies the browser with many other useful links.

NAME: America's Founding Fathers On the Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms
This is a document which contains many quotes of the Founding Fathers'
concerning the American's right to own and use firearms in this country. They
all argue in favor of having this right and are pro-gun. These quotes are very
good for spicing up a research paper, plus they are very interesting. 

From:	UHAVAX::LONSK         3-MAR-1997 17:09:18.14

Jeremy Lonsk
RLC 111 2/27/97
Dowst 1:30-2:45

Name-Coalition for Gun Control (Victoria)     	    

	This web site focuses in on the affects of guns, guns and violence in
Australia and gun lobby.  It has many informativeareas to look at.  This web
site has many other interesting links.  Victoria stands for Victorian community
council against violence, Jewish community and vocal.

Name: "Fingers don't Kill Bullets Do."  The Second Amendment Argument. (1996),
by Po-Han Lin.    URL:

This article is refering to the second amendment, and how it has been
misinterpreted.  Pro-gun advocates say everyone has the right to bear arms, but
actually it means that bearing arms is a collective right as in the military. 
In New York, and DC it is illegal to bear arms.  The author then contiues to
talk about how we should use our brains and not guns.

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Subj:	Assignment 5

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Subject: Assignment 5
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NAME: Firearms and Adolescents
	This site focuses on children and firearms.  It has 48,140 
related sites containing firearms and adolescents including advise for 
parents from professionals, statistics from police about the increasing 
numbers of children and adolescents killed by firearms, facts for 
families, and psychiatric disorders linked to adolescents and firearms.  
Most of the links on this site are there to educate parents and families 
about the concerns involving guns and children.

NAME: "Children and Firearms", last updated: May 1996
	This article focuses on ways parents can protect their children 
from violence involving firearms such as removing all guns from the home 
and checking with parents at other places where their children play.  It 
lists statistics about the numbers of children and adolescents killed in 
firearm related cases.  The risks of violence occuring increases when 
alcohol and or drug use and gun availability are mixed. The article also 
addresses the issue of children witnessing violence on television and 
then immitating what they saw.

Sarah Harwood

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To:	SMTP%""
Subj:	RLC #5

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Subject: RLC #5
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Prof. Dowst-

Here is my assignment #5 email message:

I.  Name:  Firearms and Suicide
	This web site focuses on handguns and suicide, as well as the 
facts of gun violence.  The documents that it offers, show that people of 
all ages commit suicide with firearms.  It also includes documents on 
violence, gun control, and even music videos featuring suicides that take 
place with a gun.

II.  Name:  The Extent of Gun Violence
	This document gives statistics about gun violence in the U.S.  It 
claims that this violence is increasing rapidly and will eventually 
become the nation's leading cause of "injury-related death."  The death 
rate due to firearms is given, as well as the percentage increases since 
1985.  It shows the fatality rates of whites opposed to blacks and of 
males opposed to females.  "If the rest of the American population were 
being killed at the same rate as that of young black men, over 460,000 
people would die of gunshots each year."

Kim Kulbacki

From:	UHAVAX::VITTI         3-MAR-1997 22:03:23.20
Subj:	RLC-111


The following summary was given by the author of this document:
	" I do believe we have to do something to keep guns out of the hands of
gangs, I don't know what the solution is, but I agree with you against a ban. 
I do believe we have to do something to keep guns out of the hands of gangs, I
don't know what the solution is, but I agree with the people who are against a


The following summary was given by the author of this document:
	"My personal opinion on gun control:1)  The Constitution seems to say
that people have the right to own guns, so we have to let them own guns.  (2) I
don't see how a reasonable waiting period interferes with the aforementioned
right,  so waiting a few days ( or maybe even a month) for people to cool off
seems like a good idea."

Michelle M Vitti

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Subj:	Assignment 5

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Date: Tue, 4 Mar 1997 11:42:05 +0000
Subject: Assignment 5
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                     Bureau of Justice Statistics

                            SPECIAL TOPICS

    This Web Site has various topics concerning the criminal justice  
cases concerning guns.  The section division titles are as 
follows...Criminal Justice, general; Fire Arms and Crime; The World 
Factbook of Criminal Justice Systems; Refrence to BJs Products and Programs.

Document: Enhancing Capacities and Comfronting Contoversies in Criminal 
Justice 9/94

From:	UHAVAX::MPELLEGRI     4-MAR-1997 13:32:12.21
Subj:	rlc 111

Name: Animal rights Resource site

This page does not have any information directly on it.  However the page has
links to over 75 other pages which deal with the animal liberation topic.  This
page also has links to essays, journals, and leaflets dealing with animal
liberation and more specifically hunting.  Also, there is a picture gallery
which shows pictures of real animals being persecuted, used in pamphlets and
essays to illustrate the author's points.  The best part of the page was the
link to the site-wide search engine.  This could be used to pinpoint web pages
and articles dealing with hunting.

Name: "hunting:Unfair game," People for the ethical treatment of animals, PETA
FactSheet, Washington D.C.

This essay is two pages and it describes the problems with hunting.  First it
tells how only Seven percent of the population hunt but 200 million animals are
killed on government land every year.  The article goes into explaining how not
only does Wildlife Management not work, but how it only makes overpopulation
worse.  It mentions how ecosystems will even themselves out most of the time,
without the help of wildlife management.  And since wildlife management is to
keep enough animals around for the hunters, it only benefits seven percent of
the population even though all taxpayers pay for it.   

From:	UHAVAX::KINGSBURY     4-MAR-1997 19:58:17.60
Subj:	assign #5

Name-Take ACtion Stop the Violence

	This document contains actions that should be taken by everyone to have
a safer environment concerning guns. It states that in our homes we should
teach children that guns and weapons can hurt and kill. We should also teach
children  how to settle arguements rather then resort to fighting. We as adults
should set a positive example for children. The document suggests that we
should remove all guns from our homes. Instead of resorting to weapons we
should try and protect ourselves. We could purchase a better security system.
If there is a gun in the home make sure it is unloaded and securely stored
away. In the school systems we should support the staff in keeping weapons out
of the school. We should encourage students to report weapons that they know
about that are on school grounds. In the community people should launch a
public education campaign about the dangers of firearms and report stolen
weapons to the police.

Name-New law could force more than 60,000 cops to turn in their guns, survey

	This article states that there could be a new law stating that more
then 60,000 cops turn in their guns. At least one officer in a department would
be affected by this new law. This law prohibits carrying a gun by anyone ever
convicted of a domestic violence misdemeanor. This law will also have a
negative impact upon our nation's law enforcement capabilities. The law applies
retroactively, prohibiting from receiving or possesing firearms or ammunition
from anyone with a domestic violence misdemeanor on his lifelong criminal
record. I think this would be a very tedious process by going back into
everyone's records to find out if they have a criminal record.

From:	UHAVAX::BOXER         5-MAR-1997 19:45:59.14
Subj:	guns

NAME: Jeff Chan's Firearms Archive     URL: Http://
This site talks about all firearm issues from comments from
the defense minded to NRA views and user defence uses.  It
has many links.

NAME: Firearms & Liberty  URL: Http://
This site has some very good information.  It also has many
sites that are very easy to get to.

Josh Boxer

RLC 110/111 Home Page