Bulletins & Announcements:

A schedule of class sessions for the next four weeks is printed on Assignment 7. Be sure to read this important information. [Posted 3-27-97]

Warning! A few people have not yet handed in a research paper proposal for Assignment 6 (Major Paper 1). You must submit this paper no later than 4 PM, April 1. Assignment-6 papers received later than that moment will be given a grade of zero. [Posted 3-27-97]

Student-found Web sites and documents are now available
here. Browse through the list: you may find some info.
useful to your project! [Posted 3-6-97]

Reminder: On Thursday, February 20, class will meet in the library for practice using the reference research facilities. Assignment 5 will be distributed then, too. [Posted 2-18-97]

Closed-book, open-notes quiz on Kleck, Tur, 2-25 [Posted 2-18-97]

The "Colt's Empire" exhibit at the Wadsworth Atheneum in Hartford ends March 9. Admission for college students is $6. Students needing extra credit to compensate for blown or missed quizzes should consider attending the exhibit & making a brief presentation to the class. A brief review of the exhibit, from the newsletter of a local gun club, is available here.

[Posted 2-18-97]

On Thursday, January 30, class will meet
in the University's computer lab at 109 Auerbach
for training in browsing the World Wide Web
using Netscape software

Be there or be square (and/or flunk the course)! :-)

[Posted 1-27-97]

The USEnet newsgroup rec.guns is now available via UHa's computers. To access this and hundreds of other newsgroups on the Internet, do the following:

On UHAVAX, enter the word NEWS at the "$" prompt to start the VAX's newsreader software.

If you're using Netscape, enter the newsreader function by clicking on the word "Window" on-screen and then selecting "Netscape News" from the menu that drops down. To add rec.guns, click on the word "File" and then on "Add Newsgroup." To see a list of all available newsgroups, click on the word "Options" and then selecting "Show All Newsgroups."

Thanks to Dave Kelley, UHa's VAX Systems Manager, for adding this newsgroup for us.

[Posted 1-27-97]

Know of a fun Web site? Email me its address (URL) & a description. If I like it, I'll add a link to it in our page's "News & Fun" column.

Note: The PCs in the University's computer labs are generally not properly configured to send Email from their Web browser. If you're in a lab, you can send email (to kdowst) from a Vax terminal.

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