Assignments 8a and 8b: Small-Group Project

Due: Thursday, April 10

Of the various research materials you've turned up, find several that might be of use or interest to others investigating issues related to firearms.

Look specifically for guides to further research such as specialized indexes, bibliographies, bibliographic articles, specialized databases, publications of statistics, anthologies of articles, book-length studies, etc.

Small-group meetings:

To your first small-group meeting (nominally April 3) bring a list of a half-dozen or more of these sources. Bring the originals too if possible.

Share what you've found with your small group, for the benefit of the others and to plan for the small-group presentation that is Assignment 8.

Your group must meet twice between April 1 and April 9. Everyone in your group is able to meet during our normal class hours on April 3 and 8. If your group wishes, you may meet at a different time, so long as you meet at least twice, for at least 45 minutes each time.

By the end of your group's second meeting you should have selected--out of all the individual lists--a group list of 5 to 10 useful "guides to further research" to present to the class. You should also have divided responsibilities for the presentation and the handout your group will make.

Your group's presentation to the class:

Each group will make a brief oral presentation to the class on April 10, sharing the group's list of 5 to 10 selected "guides to further research." The presentation should last about 7 or 8 minutes, plus an additional couple of minutes for answering questions from the class. You'll be penalized for going longer.

This presentation must include a handout (1 copy to each class member) that is a "selective, annotated bibliography." That is, for each of the 5 to 10 works, the handout will give the author and title, complete bibliographic information, and a brief (25- to-50-word) description of each work listed. If it would help your reader understand how a particular item works, you might attach a photocopy of a typical page.

Be sure your handout lists the names of all group members and the general subject-area of your group. If you are handing out multiple pages to each class member, be sure the pages are stapled together.


You will receive 2 grades for this project. For Assignment 8a you will be graded (check-plus, check, or check-minus) on your contributions to the project (based on my observations and the judgments of others in your group). For Assignment 8b you'll be graded (with a letter-grade) on the quality of your group's oral presentation and handout. Each member of your group will receive the same grade for Assignment 8b.