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Ken Dowst's RLC 110/111 Web Page was first designed (January, 1996) to aid teaching, learning, and research in my two sections of RLC 111 at the University of Hartford. This was a freshman course in "rhetoric, language and culture" emphasizing research writing. The experiment worked, after a fashion. Now I am preparing to see if I can use it in the first semester course, RLC 110, as well.

Most students access the Web in one of two ways: (1) from a University-owned Windows or Mac PC in a computer lab, hard-wired to the Internet server and running Netscape; (2) from their own PC, connecting by modem to the University's VAX 6610 and running the VAX's Lynx nongraphical browser. Actually, I've developed a certain fondness for Lynx....

The page remains an experiment. We know the Web is an excellent tool for research. Is it also much of a help in teaching, particularly in teaching freshmen who began the semester with few computer skills? Can anything of importance be done better with a hodgepodge of networked computers than with traditional teaching tools? We shall see what works and what doesn't. Maybe other college teachers will profit from my trials and errors.

The original title had the phrase "Quick and Dirty" preceding "Web Page." But the site has become less "dirty"--and very much less "quick"--than I had originally intended. It will be "under construction" for some time to come, I'm afraid. Fortunately, writing HTML code--and playing with someone else's VAX--turn out to be much more fun than I had expected.

I'll be glad to read the comments of anyone who cares to leave any.

Kenneth Dowst, Ph.D.
RLC Adjunct Instructor
University of Hartford
West Hartford, Connecticut 06117
June, 1996

Email to kdowst@mail.hartford.edu

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