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E.     Product Life Cycle


The Sports Authority is a retail store that has numerous different products that they sell.  Products can be categorized into sports equipment, athletic apparel, and athletic footwear.  The product life cycle (PLC) for each of these product categories has reached maturity.  The PLC for individual products can vary significantly, and each of these products will have a unique PLC curve.  Traditional items such as baseballs and basketballs are in the maturity stages, while fad items such as scooters, monkey bikes, and pogo sticks are in the growth stages of their product life cycle.  These fad items will go through their product life cycle significantly faster than traditional items.  Sporting goods influenced by technological advances will also cycle much faster than traditional items.  Athletic apparel and footwear products are primarily in the maturity stages, with the exception of trendy items.  Within each product type, there will be various brands that can also have an effect on the PLC.


Retail industries can experience various stages in the product life cycle.  The sporting goods industry can be characterized by dialectical materialism, as stores converge into similar entities.  Throughout the industry, a convergence of product mix and strategies between different stores can be seen.  For example, the Sports Authority has shifted from primarily offering sporting equipment to including athletic apparel and footwear in their product mix.  Dick’s Sporting Goods began by selling clothing and has expanded throughout the years to offer a full line of sports equipment. 





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