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The Marketing Plan Explorer is designed to allow students to search and dive deeper into any part or level of a marketing plan that they want to. You can choose any section of the plan that you would like, get a full detailed outline of that section or see a description or examples.


Getting a Full Marketing Plan Outline

In order to get the full outline of the marketing plan used in the Explorer, go to the opening page of the explorer (or simply hit your back button from here), and click the "here" button on the first line of text. Then simply mark the text and copy it using your browser's edit function. Once copied, all you need do is paste it into a document in your favorite word processing package.


Navigating the Explorer

Because you can end up at any particular destination from more than one source in the Marketing Plan Explorer you have to use the "back" button in your browser to get back where you came from. In order that pages load quickly, no back button is included on the page itself.

There are three kinds of navigation that you might want to use in the Explorer:

Zoom: This allows you to zoom in to see a more detailed outline of the section specified.

Description: Allows you to view a narrative description of the section associated with the button.

Example: Allows you to view examples of the associated section.

Always use your browser's back button to move to where you previously were.

Enjoy the explorer, and good luck with all your marketing plans.

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