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B. Generating Marketing Mix/Program Alternatives

The purpose of this section is to propose adjustments to the "four Ps" of the marketing mix in order to address the key problems and opportunities identified in the previous section of the plan.

While the outline of this section looks imposing, it should not address every issue that is includes. Only address the issues here that you propose to change. The outline provides a checklist for you to propose issues and forces you to consider how changing one element of the mix will impact other elements. All the details of what the organization will do should be detailed in the implementation section of the plan.

You may have to develop several sets of alternatives to address different problems and opportunities faced by the organization. It is important to keep sets of alternatives at a similar level of abstraction in decision making in order to be comparing alternatives that are in fact comparable. For example, changing the mission of the organization should not be compared to changing an element of training for your sales force. While changing the mission might imply a change in sales training comparing the two as alternatives is simply not comparable. A change in the organization's mission could really only be compared to alternative missions.

One alternative that always exists for organizations is to do nothing differently.





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